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Why quality hiring is important, and how we can help you

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Finding a qualified recruit is not that easy, matching an employee to the right job is even harder. Having the right employee for the right job will greatly affect the productivity and efficiency of an employee. Not only that having qualified recruits is essential in increasing your company’s overall productivity and quality. Why is it important to find the right person for the right job?

1.It reduces turnover costs

Many companies are investing in their employees. Besides the benefits, organizations always try to foster and enhance technical skills through sponsoring seminars, extra classes, mentorship programs. Organizations are not afraid to invest in their employees, because they know that having a technically proficient and efficient workforce is key in making their company succeed. However, hiring the wrong person and them leaving the company after five months becomes a sunk costs to the company. Not only it costs a company financially, but also it costs them time. Not only that turnover costs make up approximately 25% of the salary of the role being filled. It will also take the HR department 1-3 months to find the right person and debrief him or her about the company. The 1-3 months could have been used more productively.

2. It allows your business to grow

Finding competent workers that fit your organization’s needs can be difficult. However, when you do find them, the organization is incredibly lucky. The right employees will help your organization achieve goals and your visions. In this world of heightened competition, the right employees will help you deliver on your brand promise and stand out from the crowd. They foster great customer experiences that will make your customers happy and satisfied.

3. The right people maximize productivity

Time is a valuable resource that companies want to maximize. Finding the right employees will help the organization utilize its time by accomplishing reports or outputs on time. Not only that, they will avoid mistakes to prevent edits or redoing work. This small improvement will create a bullwhip effect to your company, that will make operations and executions faster and smoother. It will also be easier to achieve and accomplish your monthly goals and targets. Conversely, when an organization is always on the hunt to fill a position, it distracts the team from finishing or accomplishing their tasks on time, because they have to review job applications and onboard the new member. The new recruit will also take one or two months before finally settling down to the company’s routine.

4. It increases team morale

Having the right hire would help increase team morale because when integrating with the wrong person can disrupt the workflow of the team. This disruption can reduce productivity and causes tension inside the team. The right employee would fit smoothly into the work environment. Not only that it will enhance the team’s engagement. Having an engaged team will make them happier, have greater work satisfaction, and increase employee loyalty.

Here in UpStaff, we help you find the best recruit for your company. We deeply understand the importance of finding the right person. That is why we carefully screen and evaluate candidates from the Philippines to fit not only the job requirements but also your company culture. We value that our partnership will help you and your organization to grow and stand out in your industry.

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