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The Professional Offshore Staffing Solutions Right For Your Company

Our dedicated staffing specialists are here to listen and understand your business needs. We are specialized in accounting industry but our team can also source the best administration roles that can support your office's daily operations. Below are the sample roles that we can provide to your company.


Accounting and Finance

General Accountant
Accounts Payable Specialist
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Financial Accountant
Financial Analyst
Managerial Roles

Office Work

Administrative and Support Services

Administrative Assistant
Document Controller
Data Encoder
Data and Reports Analyst
Virtual Assistant

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Staffing Process:

We help you find and hire the best candidates to work remotely from home and help you manage them.

Position Staffing

Tell us what you need! Send us a copy of the job description and titles of the candidates you are looking for and we will send you our service proposal.

Sourcing and Screening

Once proposal is agreed, we will start the sourcing from our pool of talents. We will search and screen for the best qualified candidates, conduct interviews and test their skills.

Candidate Preference

We will provide you our shortlisted candidates for you to choose from.

Candidate Interviews

We organize and schedule online interviews between you and the shortlisted candidates.

Candidate Selection

The final selection comes from you on which candidates are suitable for your company.

Contract Signing

We will offer the service to your selected candidates then finally sign them up as your dedicated remote staff.

Standing Meeting
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Our Rate

Our monthly service fee varies depending on the candidate requirements of each client. We can only provide the rate through our service proposal after receiving the job description for the roles needed. However, we don't charge any recruitment fee but instead, we bill our clients monthly that includes their remote staff's salary for the services rendered and our administration fee until the expiration of our agreed contract.

Monthly Billing

  • Includes your remote staff's salary for the services rendered plus any overtime hours for your approval.

  • Our administration fee that will include HR tasks, staff monitoring and payroll management. We can send daily or weekly reports about the efficiency of your staff that includes time sheets, attendance and accomplished tasks. 

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