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Why Offshoring to the Philippines is a great choice!

Are you considering Offshoring your staff, the Philippines is the best option because of the extensive government support, Filipino hospitality, and competent telecommunication infrastructure, but first a little recap on who is the Philippines. The Philippines is a developing country located in Southeast Asia, with a young, educated workforce. According to the Department of Health, 48% of the total population are between the ages of 15-44 years old. It is also famous for its offshore and outsourcing industries and has the second largest Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the world. As of 2020, the country is to keep $26 Billion Outsourcing running despite of Covid-19 Crisis. If you are considering offshoring some of your business functions here is why the Philippines is the best place to offshore it.

Government support

The Philippine government has been a big supporter of exporting or offshoring services and the booming BPO industry. They have written laws that protect both Filipino workers and the firms that wish to invest in the country. Such laws are the Republic Act 7916 or the Special Economic Zone Act, where the law transforms key areas as hubs for development. Meaning the national government must ensure the development of lands and buildings, roads and bridges, and communication infrastructure. Also, firms and companies owned by foreigners are only allowed to operate in special economic zones. These foreign nationalities’ profits, assets, and other legitimate interests are protected by the government. Foreign nationals should not hesitate when partnering with companies from the Philippines because the industry is stable, and the government ensures it.

Filipino hospitality

Filipinos are very hospitable people and will go out of their way to treat their guests and clients, especially foreigners. According to history, the trait originated from Malayan traditions and evolved over time. One such reason or truth uncovered by sociologists is that Filipinos value a good reputation and would always maintain it. It is not an uncommon practice for offshore staff to work within their foreign company’s schedule. They are willing to offset their day just to make sure they are aligned with the company. This is favorable because it decreases friction and allows for a smoother workflow and cooperation with the offshore staffer and the local employee.

Favorable telecommunications and infrastructure

The Philippine telecommunications and infrastructure are not the best, but it is competent. The reason why infrastructure development is not as fast compared to other countries is due to geographical reasons. The Philippines consists of different islands, transporting materials for the creation of towers from one place to another is a big challenge. However, there are areas where the internet is fast and steady especially in developed city areas such as Makati city, Clark and Cebu city.

English Excellence

The Philippines is the 4th-largest English-speaking country in the world and ranked 2nd with the highest English proficiency in Asia. English is one of the country’s two official languages and 92% of the population can speak it as a second language. Filipinos speak English with a neutral accent, and they are well-versed in English idioms and slang.

Highly Qualified Professionals

The Philippines has a large young population that is growing faster than the country’s dependent children and retired workforce. The median age of this young population is 23 years old. Beyond just resulting in an abundant supply of manpower, the statistics also amount to a highly educated workforce boasting a literacy rate of 97.5%.

It all seems good, right? What about the cultural compatibility and traits of the Filipinos? Being a former colony of Spain and the US gained the country the advantage of cultural compatibility with the West. Western culture is still entrenched in people’s everyday lives, and Filipinos remain to be highly adaptable to foreign cultures. Moreover, hospitality is an integral part of Filipino culture and tradition. These factors make Filipinos easy to socialize and work with. Here are the traits why you should work with Filipinos. 1. Hospitable and Friendly

The Filipino people are globally known to be very friendly nation and would not back down when lending a helping hand. This is advantageous in the work setting because Filipinos are friendly and a team player. This means working with them is easy and comfortable. They are the type of people who would choose decisions that would benefit the collective over personal gain. Filipinos have travelled around the world for work and are high-adaptable.

2. Hardworking and dedicated.

Filipinos are adaptable and can easily blend in with the corporate culture and work environment. They are an asset to the company because of their good work ethics. Filipinos are creative, resourceful, and responsible; they would have creative insights in solving problems. They are willing to work harder and produce outputs that are more than it was expected. 3. Highly respectful

Filipinos are very respectful to their peers, subordinates, and superiors. They are courteous, polite, and civil, but at the same time warm and friendly. It is entrenched in their culture to use words like “kuya” or “ate” (big brother and sister) as a way of showing respect. Words like “po” and “opo” is also widely used when showing reverence towards older individuals.

There are many great and dedicated Filipino professionals; however, it is not easy to weed out the best applicants. That is why UpStaff Remote is here, we are here to find the best of the best accountants for your business. Message us and learn more about offshoring.

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