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The unique work culture in the Philippines

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Every country has its own work culture that is rooted and based on its own values and traditions. The Philippines’ work culture is unique in its own way that it is rooted in the Filipino values of family and hard work. Being family-oriented is one of the Filipino’s greatest assets. It is their driving motivation to work hard and go the extra mile. This is due to colonialization where Filipinos have to rely on their (direct and extended) families to survive. Read on to learn more on how to navigate the Filipino work culture.


Filipinos are highly hospitable and generous, they will make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Known for building great rapport and relationships with their teammates and bosses, is an asset in making any work team colorful. If you are new in town, they would volunteer to tour you around town or the city. They take initiative in letting you get to know your workplace and the other employees. Lastly, they will invite you for a drink or dine out after office hours.


Having Filipino workers, one must expect to receive gifts. They often bring “pasalubong” or small gifts if they recently came home from trips. These pasalubongs can be keychains, shirts, or popular food items from the destination. After any successful project or promotion, they would celebrate it by treating their colleagues to dinner and drinks. This is their way of showing appreciation and building camaraderie. During Christmas, gift-giving is especially important among employees. They will most likely give you a personalized and practical thoughtful gift. Giving gifts is their way of showing appreciation and making sure you feel supported.

A deep sense of camaraderie

Filipinos are going to treat you like family, as explained earlier, but to what extent? They would help you out during tough times both personal and professional matters. Whether it is lending you money or taking over a shift, Filipinos are likely going to do it if the need is urgent. They are always open to help you out in whatever way they can. Not only that, they make that everyone is taken care of. Whether is buying extra food or drinks to those who haven’t eaten or letting them have a time out because they are burning out. Filipinos are there to extend a helping and caring hand.

Hard workers

Many Filipinos experienced hardships due to government mismanagement, because of this they have adapted and learned to be smart. The genius streak of the Filipino people is the maximize what little budget or resources is provided. Generating creative practical and resourceful ways to solve problems are of the Filipinos biggest strengths. Not only that they will exert and go beyond expectations in their projects especially if it creates an impact on the company.

The Filipino work culture is unique, they take time to foster and creating deep familial bonds with their colleagues. Working with Filipinos means having a safe and comfortable work environment. Creating meaningful relationships with workmates and lastly having someone to rely on.

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