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The Philippines is recognized as one of the best countries for working remotely. Owing to the fact that the cost of living is a lot lower compared to the wealthier countries. Filipinos are known to be very hospitable and kind that will be easier for them to find a pleasant place to work. One of the best things that the Filipinos have is that communication is not a problem in the country because English is an official language, and many Filipinos are fluent in communicating the said language. It is also an advantage for the Filipinos since they can easily communicate to other people and specially to their jobs when working with foreigners. There are a lot of work opportunities here in the country that you can work remotely and many great places to find a job. Here are the top five places to work in the Philippines that will give you insights and help you decide where you want to be located. Manila Manila is a very urbanized place and is recognized as a Capital in the Philippines that is accessible for everything. This place also known for its heavy traffic that annoyed people who commuted everyday especially on rush hours. Manila has everything which an adventurous person looking for and would enjoy working for the reason that there is a lot of opportunities working remotely and most specially the innovative technology that companies have. Manila has the best facilities in all of the companies in the Philippines. It has sophisticated people, nearby to airports that being the case this place is easier to access to the rest of the country. This place also has a great internet facility thus you won't face any significant difficulties while working remotely. One more great reason for you to work in Manila is that it has a lot of astonishing coworking spaces if you are looking for a calm environment to work remotely. Here is one of the best places to work remotely in Manila:

Launchpad Coworking In Manila, Launchpad Coworking is one of the best places to work for remote workers because of its 5-star rating. It has a high-speed internet connection and operates 24/7 for members. It also offers a personal locker which you can put your personal and working equipment when not in use and it has PHP 4,000/month charge that is reasonable price. The best thing here is that while you are focusing on your remote work, they will give you complimentary coffee. Makati Makati is known as the country's leading financial hub. It is a consummate city for remote working for the reason that it has also a highly urbanized city and has most advanced and modern facilities to provide to employees. This place has a high-speed internet that is easily available and you will spot many free wifi throughout the city. As a remote worker, the best thing to work in Makati is that it has a lot of amazing co-working spots so you can easily work. Here is one of the best places to work remotely in Makati: 47 East It is one of the best coworking spaces in Makati City that has a 5-star rating. It has a high-speed internet connection and offers Co-living accommodation, skype room, and a personal locker to keep your personal belongings and working equipment. While you are busy with your work, they will give you coffee and water to keep you hydrated. Their opening hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays and have a PHP 5,000/month charge. Cebu Cebu is a well-known place for outsourcing companies and remote working community. It is also one of the major tourist spots in the Philippines and very easy to travel here because it is in the middle of our country and many people are travelling here. In Cebu, many people are working remotely that's why it has a big community for remote workers. Also, the people there are very warm and genuine. When it comes to internet connection, this place has a great service so the remote workers will be able to work smoothly. One of the biggest reasons why you need to choose Cebu for your work is that you will have friendly co-workers and you will enjoy working because of them. Not only your co-workers, but you will also encounter friendly coworking spaces in Cebu, like, The Company Cebu - IT Park The Company Cebu - IT Park is a well-known and highly-rated coworking space in Cebu that offers great facilities, high-speed internet connectivity, air conditioning, personal lockers and most specially, their library. It has a charge for PHP 6500/month and a 24/7 access for members. Iloilo City This city known as a small version of both Cebu and Davao for the reason that its ambiance and vibe are almost the same and it is one of the best places to live and work remotely. Iloilo city is also the best place for people who loves to explore while working because of the amazing and peaceful places that Iloilo have. Internet connection is not a problem in this city because they also known for its super-fast internet connectivity that will make you happy when you are working remotely. In Iloilo, there is no shortage of coworking spaces, you will find amazing facilities, affordable and competitive price of spaces. If you are an adventurous person and enthusiastic, this place is a great pick for you as a remote worker. Here is one of the best place to work remotely in Iloilo: Bonds Coworking This coworking space rates itself a 5-star rating for its amazing facilities, super speedy internet connection, competitive and affordable price, and most specially they offers free beverage such as water, tea, coffee, iced tea and juice. They have a charge for only PHP 2000/month and the best part is that they are open 24/7 every day. Baguio Baguio is a city located in Northern Luzon, Philippines. It is known as a City of Pines for its cozy and cold weather, this is also one of the major tourist spots in the Philippines. Many people are going in this city for vacation and it is also a great place for working remotely for the reason that Baguio has a great internet connectivity despite this city is located in mountain. You will also find free wi-fi spots throughout the city that's why Baguio city is considered as best place to work remotely. This city also has a lot of great and cozy coworking spaces that every remote worker will enjoy staying and doing their jobs peacefully. Here is one of the best place to work remotely in Baguio: CALLE UNO Coworking Space This place receives a 5-star rating from customers and it makes the most popular coworking spaces in the Summer Capital of the Philippines which is Baguio. They have a great internet connection and printing services. They also have a charge PHP 5000/month and allow a 24/7 access for all the members. If you are looking for a great place to work remotely, read those five best places to work remotely and look for a place that is suitable and accessible for you to work.

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