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Five virtual interview tips

It is not anymore uncommon to conduct virtual interviews; it has become the norm due to social distancing and health protocols. Virtual interviews are similar to face-to-face interviews in many ways; however, it is also limiting. In virtual interviews, it is hard to read body language and find insight on the candidate. On the other hand, interviewers also have a rare glimpse on the candidate’s personal life. There are also different factors that are beyond control like brownouts, slow interconnectivity, and loud noises. Here are a few tips to ace your virtual job interview.

1. The set up

It takes an HR manager approximately 15 minutes to decide if a candidate is qualified for the job. That is why presentation is everything, interviewers and HR managers have internal subconscious biases that can arise when interviewing a candidate. Before the interview do the following thing. Check your equipment, do a sound and video check and brownout schedules, reschedule if you have to. Make sure it is well lit and remove or at least minimize noise. Choose a room where little noise can be heard. Also set up your background. It does not need to be anything fancy. It could be a bookshelf or a plain white wall, this will make you look more professional. Do not do the virtual interview on your bed. The background must not be cluttered. Any clutter can be distracting to your interviewer. Lastly, lock the door, it prevents unwanted cameo appearances of family members or pets.

2. Dress to impress

Sometimes it is so tempting to wear your pajamas to your job interview. Do not, it will lessen your chances of getting in. Just like any job interview you must dress the part. This is beneficial in two ways. Dressing up can boost your confidence, which will greatly help in impressing the HR managers and interviewers. However, avoid using flashy jewelry or colors that can wash you out. Another reason why this is beneficial is because it will leave the interviewers a good impression of you. It shows that you are professional, and you came prepared.

3. Prepare for the interview.

Besides physically preparing for the interview, you must also mentally prepare for it. Do your research on the company and what they do and specialize in. To take it further, research on the industry or company risks or current problems. Use this information when asked how you can add value to the company. By proposing a solution and showing how you can mitigate risks- it shows how you can be of value. On the topic of interview questions, prepare for the most common interview questions. Take some time and research and compile them. You can plan out your answers so that you can sound and look confident. However, make it sound natural and not scripted. It should sound sincere and honest. Lastly prepare your questions for the interviewer and show interest in their company.

4. Be yourself

It may sound cliche and overused, but it is true be yourself. In the interview you have to put your best self forward and show how you can fit into the company culture and ideology. HR managers right now do not judge candidates based solely on their resume. They also consider the work ethic and personality of the candidate. Right now people want to hire candidates that fit into their company culture. This makes the transitioning process much easier for the chosen candidate because adapting is easier.

5. Do not forget to follow up!

After the interview, do not forget to follow up on the results. This shows to the interviewer and your potential employers that you are interested to work with them. However, you must not follow up too early or too late. The best time to follow up would be 3 days to 2 weeks after the interview.

Interviews are important and nerve wrecking at the same time. It does not help that interviews now are done virtually, which makes it harder to connect directly with the interviewer and potential employers. By following the tips above you can increase your chances of landing the job.

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