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Helpful online tools to manage your accounting team effectively and efficiently

Entrepreneur Dan Schawbel once said, "In order to align your team, everyone must be using the same tools, so make sure that if you decide to use technology as part of your collaboration strategy, it becomes a policy instead of a suggestion”. The pandemic and remote work have made collaboration more challenging. Discovering a few apps and platforms that complement your workflow is important. Learn more about these applications and platforms, and evaluate which one is the best for your online set up.

The first, and most obvious answer is Google Workspace, it is a productivity tool that is used by both companies and individuals. Companies can use Google Suite tools such as Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets to make collaborative documents. It also updates the document in real-time. Google Drive is there to store all the documents in the cloud, and can be easily accessible by employees. There is a Google calendar to organize your team’s schedule and Google meet which is integrated into the Google calendar. Hosting meetings are made easier through this feature. Google Suite is also easy to use and accessible. Apps can be open through any device, so long as it is connected to the Wi-Fi. G Suite is ideal for a work environment that is highly collaborative and fast moving. Although many uses G Suites, not everyone is used to the ecosystem. Many would still prefer Microsoft applications that are installed on the computer and take up less data. In order to maximize workflow between employees, you can mandate the use of Google applications for efficient collaboration and seamless workflow.

If Google is not for you, you can use the original productivity app which is Microsoft Office 360. The cloud-base incarnation is called Microsoft 365. It is just like Google Suites but much more comprehensive. Applications like PowerPoint, Excel and Word have a lot of advances and useful tools that help make work easier. Excel for example has more formulas and can be programmed. Workers can also create databases with Access, and share files in Drop Box. Companies can even opt to use Microsoft Teams, which is an all-in-one application where employees and workers chat, collaborate on files, and hold meetings. Office 360 or 365 is good for work environments that need a comprehensive set of tools and applications to finish work.

Accounting firms are turning their accounting processes into seamless transactions with their clients by using cloud-based accounting software. One of the most popular one is ‘Quickbooks’ by Intuit Inc. First released in 1983 and fully functional up to the present. It is an accounting software that keeps track of income and expenses. Not only that they have a wide range of tools such as Mileage tracking, invoice and payroll systems to accurately track cash flow. Quickbooks is a great tool in creating reports and managing the business’s financial health. By closely monitoring the finances of the business, managers and business owners can make better quality decisions. Quickbooks is great for small to mid-size businesses, it is also easy to use and navigate.

Another accounting software similar to Quickbooks is ‘Xero’ by Rod Dury in 2006 this application is a cloud base system, which makes your documents accessible anytime and anywhere. You can check on and you can see your bank statements invoices, expenses, track projects, and many more This application works well in a highly collaborative work environment since the platform provides flexibility and real-time updates. It makes work much more efficient since employees are up to date with information to make good choices.

If accounting firms can use cloud-based accounting software to digitalize their accounting process, auditing firms may choose to use CaseWare, where it allows team members to collaborate effectively on an engagement file in real time even when in different locations. The software can also collect all engagement documents and support materials in a single location making it easy to show your audit trail.

Auditing firms that opt to stick with their traditional non cloud auditing software may use Suralink as a separate online tool to make their engagement with client efficient and more transparent. Suralink is an automated document exchange and request list management solution built specifically for auditors. This platform can create, manage, track, and share documents with clients and others in your firm easily and efficiently. Suralink is a great platform with advanced technology that is fit for complex work structures. Managers can customize and limit access to information to different workers. They also have a real-time dashboard system to efficiently track the progress of projects and documents from each worker.

In this digital era, choosing the right tools to manage a remote team is a crucial and one of the major factors for the success of the business However, managers like you must find the best tool that fits the company’s workflow.

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