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How to keep remote employees engaged

Employee engagement is the amount of mental investment that an employee gives to their organization. This investment is seen through the emotional and mental connection employees make. It shows in their commitment to achieving the organization’s goals and vision. It is exhibited in their positive behaviors and loyalty to the business.

Engagement is important it is because it is a sign of job satisfaction. When an employee has a positive attitude and outlook they are more likely to be involved with the work that they do. They will be more productive because they are enthusiastic about their work and have a sense of urgency. They are more likely to have higher quality outputs that would push the organization forward. There are many factors that keep employees engaged, but the biggest influence is the manager. Read on how managers can keep their employees engaged.

Encourage in their personal development

When an employee works for an organization, they would want to face tough challenges that will help them grow as a person. This is more than climbing up the corporate ladder or heading projects, rather it is the feeling that they have conquered something and they have done it well. It is the sense that they have made a tangible impact. There are a few things a good manager can do to keep their employees engage. One is through mentoring and coaching, this is effective because the employee would feel a strong sense of connection. Hence, would lead to emotional investment in the mentor and organization. Next is performance feedback from the manager. Feedback and positive recognition for the hard work are very important because it validates that the employee’s feelings and boosts their self-esteem.

Create a safe environment

Many would prefer to work in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe. More than that, having a stressful work environment can be detrimental to an employee’s mental health. A manager can make any space feel safe by creating a work environment that prioritizes well-being. The manager and employees must actively make sure there is a work-life balance in their office. Another way of making people feel safe is through acceptance and understanding of different identities, such as LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and people of color. The manager must create programs that actively encourage their presence and cater to their needs.

Promote rest and breaks

We live in a society where working harder is a place above having a balanced life. That working harder until you are burnt out is the only way to climb the social ladder, and that taking breaks is for the weak. Rest is productive, through taking breaks one can refuel and recharge and be more productive. Being tired or burned out will only lead to dissatisfaction and increase unproductivity.

Lastly, hold social gatherings with your team

Socializing, even in a remote setting, is important. People need to build connections, especially with their workers to feel a sense of belonging. That is why team-building activities are important. In the online setting, this could be through a trivia night or a weekly meeting to catch up with everyone. There are also online escape rooms and multiplayer games where people can meet remotely.

Employee engagement is important for the organization, engaged employees are far more productive and involved with the work that they do. It also helps the employees, they are able to grow with the organization, make meaningful contributions and connections.

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